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Connecting through rented lines

We provide secure, flexible and profitable solutions, built to satisfy all clients’ needs. Our network (DWDM and IP/MPLS) was built on optic infrastructure on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, in Skopje, and other larger cities.

Our portfolio of private rented lines includes:

  • National and international TDM based rented lines (SDH and PDH);
  • National and international Ethernet private lines (EoSDH, ЕоMPLS);
  • National and international wavelengths (2.5G, 10G, 100G Wavelength)

By using modern technology we offer a wide range of options (128 Kbps – 100 Gbps), suitable for companies or the wholesale market. By using Neotel’s network in Macedonia, as well as the abundance of international interconnections, we offer high-quality level of service (SLA) for protected and unprotected services.

Neotel’s largest international POP is located at Telepoing, Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria, and it is connected to the Neotel network in Macedonia and the region through a DWDM network with huge capacities.

We also use our points of presence at one of the largest European interconnection centers – Frankfurt (Equnix FRA5) and Vienna (Interxion) in order to provide international services and interconnections. The new point of presence is at the largest data center TELEPOINT in Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria.

Existing international interconnections:

  • with Serbia
  • with Kosovo
  • with Bulgaria
  • with Albania
  • with Greece

For more detailed information on the technical possibilities and on obtaining an offer, please contact our sales representatives at 02/55 11 188.