Office Fiber 60

neoNet Fiber

  • Speed up to 60 Mbps/60 Mbps (download/upload)*
  • 2000 GB internet traffic included*
  • WiFi router included


  • Option to activate fixed telephony***
  • No monthly subscription
  • Up to 2 lines PSTN (with 1 channel)
  • Charging by the second according to the standard pricelist
  • Unlimited calls within the Neotel network
  • Number transfer – free of charge


  • Можност за активирање телевизија со доплата****
  • До 80 ТВ-канали
  • neoTV на 2 смарт уреди
  • Android™ ТВ уред

Дополнителни услуги

  • Трошок за интервенција на терен за отстранување на дефект по вина
    на претплатникот – 1.200 ден. без ДДВ
  • Цена за релокација/преселба на антена – 1.500 ден. без ДДВ.
  • Дополнителен говорен канал на постоечкиот – 250 ден. без ДДВ.
  • Дополнителна телефонска линија 1/2 говорни канали – 250/450 ден. без ДДВ.
*The speed of access of the internet service can depend on many factors, such as: the speed of the web page being accessed, the burden on the global internet network, the user computer configuration, and other factors. If the maximum speed of the package cannot be reached, Neotel will deliver the maximum speed possible.
The maximum data transfer speed is defined in the packages. The minimal data transfer speed: 2 Mbps download /2 Mbps upload.
If the monthly traffic surpasses what is included in the subscription (download + upload), or in the event of a misuse, Neotel will limit the access speed to 2 Mbps.
***The packages provide the option of two fixed telephony lines with one PSTN channel, free of charge with unlimited calls within the Neotel network and charging by the second. The calls are charged according to the standard pricelist.

The subscriber can obtain a telephone number from the Neotel series free of charge or he/she can transfer his/her number from another operator, also free of charge. The procedure for transferring the telephone number is describer HERE.
****The packages offer the option to connect to neoTV, for an additional fee.

*Prices are without VAT 18%.

1.990 MKD per month*
One-time fee: 0 MKD.

Office Fiber 60

1.990 MKD per month*
One-time fee: 0 MKD.
2.290 MKD per month*

Office Fiber 60

2.290 MKD per month*
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