Questions and answers

Questions and answers

General questions

The helpdesk is a user support system that allows our users to report and monitor their problems through the internet. It functions as a type of internet forum where you can communicate with our staff regarding any questions, problems, suggestions or remarks you might have.
You can use the Helpdesk center, which is incorporated in the user portal, in order to report problems through the internet.

  • To begin, log in using your user name and password.
  • Select User support from the Services menu.
  • Click on Report a problem if you want to report a new problem.
  • Enter all relevant information into the given fields and select Save at the bottom of the page.

After you report a problem, our team will respond as soon as possible. You will receive the response on your registered e-mail address (you can change your e-mail address by accessing Your details on the portal).

Migrating from one package to another during the contract duration is only allowed for migrations to a package of the same level of subscription or higher. Migrations to a lower level of subscription are not allowed during the contract duration. Migrating to a lower level would require expiry of the Contract or payment of penalties for Contract termination and signing a new Contract for the selected package.
When solely using the internet option, the user receives a WiMAX antenna for use (which can be an outside or an inside antenna depending on the technical possibilities). When using telephony in addition to the internet, the user receives the antenna and a router for providing the telephony service. In addition to the equipment, the users receive a network cable for the connection.

The equipment is handed over for using during the entire contract duration and it is returned to Neotel after the expiry of the contract.

The user can transfer to the Neotel network and keep his/her existing number from another operator. The user must pay all outstanding bills to the old operator (if the user is transferring from Makedonski Telekom to Neotel, he/she needs to pay all outstanding debts to Telekom).
The user does not terminate the Contract with the other operator but transfers to Neotel and submits a request for transferring the number and the operators continue the procedure henceforth. The price for transferring the number is a single payment of 200 MKD that is paid to the old operator since that operator owns the number prior to the transfer. For example, if the number is transferred from Makedonski Telekom, you will receive an invoice from Makedonski Telekom for 200 MKD without VAT, which would have to be paid in order for the user to receive the service from Neotel.
The invoices are paid at Makedonski Posti, all Macedonian banks or through the system for electronic payments at
The invoices cannot be paid at the Neotel store.

Questions about neoTV

The simplest way to connect to the Internet is by using the Settings application that can be started in several ways: by pressing the Settings button on the remote, by clicking the settings icon in the top right corner or by using the main menu on the startup screen (launcher). After starting the Settings application, by going to the Network you can define the network settings. If you want to connect the device via the Wi-Fi network, then select the Wi-Fi option and you will see the available Wi-Fi networks on the right side. After you select the desired network you need to enter the correct password for the network (click the OK button above the password field and you will see the keyboard for entering the password). If the password is correct, you will see a notification on the right side that the connection was successful. If you want an Ethernet internet connection through an Ethernet cable properly connected to the device, you should select the Ethernet option. The device will then establish the internet connection.

When the application is on, select the sub-menu Options from the top menu. You can do this by pressing the down button on the remote control and then searching for the Options icon by pressing the left and right buttons and then pressing OK. Then select the User icon on the screen. The screen will show the User data and the button for changing the PIN is in the left side of the screen (the focus automatically goes to this field). By pressing this icon, you will get a field where you will need to enter the old PIN and then the new one. The PIN is actually a combination of 4 digits entered through the remote control. After successfully changing the PIN you will see a confirmation screen. The initial PIN is always 0000. It is recommended that you immediately change when you start using the service.

If you forget your PIN you should call the number for the technical support.

You can watch programs that are 3 days old at the most. These programs are part of Recordings and you can access them through the right EPG menu of the desired channel and selecting the content by scrolling with the up/down arrows, or through the Recordings from the main menu on the top side. From Recordings you select the desired channel and then the desired show by using the up/down arrows. You play the show by pressing the OK button.

Recording is scheduled via the EPG menu by long-pressing the OK button (for a few seconds) on the desired show, which will open the dialog window where you select Schedule a recording! The second way is to use the Guide category from the main menu, in the same way, by long-pressing on the desired show.

By using the time-shift option, you can rewind a period of maximum 1 hour. In order to use the time-shift option, you should use the buttons (rewind) and (fast-forward) and the stop button on the desired position. If you are using a mouse, click on the time-shift line and hold. By dragging the mouse left/right you move forward/backward in time. When you reach the desired position you release the click. The time you rewind is shown in a square box above the time-shift line. In order to go back to the live program, click the live button on the right above the time-shift line or press the Live button on the remote control.

The channels are locked in the section for parental control (Main menu -> Options -> Parental control). When entering this sub-category, you will need to enter the PIN code, that you will then use to unlock the locked channels. Unless you had already changed it, the PIN code is 0000. In the Parental control, you get a list of all neoTV channels you can unlock/lock by simply pressing the OK button. When you play the locked channel you receive a notification in the bottom section of the screen that the channel is locked. Press OK to unlock it! After you press OK and enter the PIN code, the channel is unlocked.

The most important precondition for watching neoTV is the broadband internet connection. If your set top box is connected to a low bit speed connection (under 1Mbps), the video signal will be experiencing interruptions.
If you are using a Wi-Fi internet connection, your problem could be caused by the Wi-Fi router. If, however the problem is the low bit speed, please contact your internet provider.

The remote control has been optimized for use with the neoTV application and not for all android applications. In this case we suggest you use a mouse.

This notification appears if you are not being active (you haven’t changed a channel or you haven’t pressed any button on the remote control) for more than 2 hours. In case you forgot the set top box turned unnecessarily, the application turns off on its own after 2 hours in order to avoid the unnecessary increase of internet traffic.

Download the special Android™ application from our web page (RemoteIME) and install it on your Android™ smart device. By pressing the settings button on the remote control you can turn on the settings application, and you turn on the option Remote Settings in the section Advanced. Note: the smart device must be connected to the same wireless network as the Set Top Box.

Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Questions and answers

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